OS X 10.8 and later has a new security feature, "Gatekeeper", this feature is designed to protect Mac users from installing software that is "un-signed".

Current versions of CCDC software are not code-signed and may cause Apple Gatekeeper to display a dialog warning the user of this.

Continuing your installation can be done simply by taking these steps to bypass Gatekeeper when installing:

  • Hold down the Control key
  • Click on the installer package of the installer you wish to open. A menu will appear near the cursor
  • Select "Open" from the menu that appears. A new dialog box will appear
  • Select "Open anyway" from the dialog box. This will allow you to proceed with installation regardless of Gatekeeper settings.

Users can also choose to alter the settings for Gatekeeper in System Preferences in order to suppress these warning messages, however, lowering the security level to allow unsigned applications to be installed without signature checking will increase the risk of installing and running software that could potentially be harmful.

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