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Installing Mercury in a computer lab


To install Mercury on all machines in a computer lab it is useful to run an unattended install from the command line. The commands given are for Windows but Linux and macOS are similar.

Download the installer as usual then run it from the command line.

mercury-2022.3.0-windows-installer.exe --mode unattended

You can add --prefix "installation directory" to the end of this command to change the installation directory (the default is C:\Program Files\CCDC\Mercury).

After the software has been installed, activate it for all users so that the students can run it straight away. For a free CSD-Community activation:

"C:\Program Files\CCDC\Mercury\Software Activation\ccdc_activator.exe" -a -A -c

To activate with a key:

"C:\Program Files\CCDC\Mercury\Software Activation\ccdc_activator.exe" -a -A -k ACTIVATION_KEY