PVM ("Parallel Virtual Machine") is a third-party software package that is supplied with GOLD for linux-based platforms. It allows GOLD users to distribute jobs over their network across a virtual cluster of machines in order to harness the processing power of multiple machines (or mutliple processors or processor cores) concurrently.

Parallel GOLD dockings are distributed over a PVM at the ligand level such that each ligand is assigned to a particular node within the PVM and then docked. Results are returned to the "PVM Master" machine whilst new ligands are distributed amongst idle machines within the PVM until the GOLD job is completed.

For detailed information about PVM, please visit the official PVM homepage

Please note that the 2019 CSD Release is the last to include the ability to use GOLD with Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) for UNIX-based platforms. We recommend using a grid-engine based environment rather than PVM.

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