The proper way of linking Mogul to MOE would be through the Mogul setup panel.

Here are the steps:


1- Start MOE.

2- Build a small molecule.

3- Select a dihedral

4- In the MOE menu, choose MOE | Compute | Conformations | Mogul Analysis

5- Press the gear icon and browse to Mogul binary:

C:/Program Files (x86)/CCDC/CSD_2018/Mogul/mogul.exe

6- Specify your MOGUL options ("include bond lengths", "include bond angles", etc..).

7- Press OK to close the configuration panel

8- Press RUN to see the Mogul plot


I would also try to run Mogul by clicking on the desktop icon or Start Menu icon (Windows) to verify that it is properly installed and that the license is activated.

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