In some circumstances, users may prefer to run parallel GOLD using a pre-existing installation of PVM rather than the version packaged within the Linux GOLD installer. However, this can cause difficulties since the parallel components of GOLD are compiled against the version of PVM packaged with GOLD using specific compiler flags.

If the user's version of PVM is significantly different, parallel GOLD may not function correctly in its default configuration. The solution is for the user to re-compile the PVM parts of GOLD on their system. For this reason, the UNIX GOLD distribution is packaged with a tar-gzip patch file for the parallel version that allows parallel GOLD users to recompile the PVM part of GOLD on their system. It also recompiles the front end and the pvm shared object used in the main gold process.

If you would like try recompiling the parallel components of GOLD on your own system, you will find the required patch file here:


Please unpack this file and consult the ReadMe file for further details.​

Please note that the 2019 CSD Release is the last to include the ability to use GOLD with Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) for UNIX-based platforms. We recommend using a grid-engine based environment rather than PVM.

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