Please submit your revised CIF(s) (and structure factor files) to the CCDC before re-submitting your manuscript to publishers so that any referees or publishers can have immediate access to the latest version of your CIF.

If the original data have already been published, then please submit any revised structures via the normal deposition process; these structures will be allocated new deposition numbers.

To submit your revised CIF(s) and structure factor files to the CCDC you will need to:

  1. Sign in to your CCDC account using the Sign in link on
  2. Go to ‘Deposit Structures’ to access our deposition form
  3. In the ‘Select mode of deposition’ section, select the ‘Click for Revision’ button
  4. Click the ‘Add Deposition Number to Revise’ button, which will open a pop-up window which will give details of all your unpublished deposition numbers. If the deposition number you want to revise does not appear in the list, then click ‘New Deposit’, add the deposition numbers to the ‘More Information’ box, add the appropriate files and proceed as with a new deposition.
  5. Once the deposition number has been selected you should click ‘Proceed’ and you will then be prompted to upload your revised data (including any structure factor files).
  6. Once you have added the relevant files you should click ‘Close’ to proceed.
  7. If you wish to revise more than one structure, this process can be repeated by reselecting the ‘Add Deposition Number to Revise’ button.
  8. Click ‘Proceed to Next Step’ to continue with the deposition process.

Once you have completed the deposition process we will replace the old data with the new revised data and you will receive an email confirming that your revised CIF(s) have kept the original deposition number(s).

Structures can also be revised using your ‘My Structures’ service. For any unpublished structure, select the Details button to access the ‘My Structure Details’ view and click the ‘Revise Structure’ button at the top of the page.

If you would like to revise a large number of structures and the above method is not suitable then please contact us and we will work with you to do this.

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