Note: The following information applies only to WebCSD version 1 (legacy WebCSD).

The following technical details are required for effective use of WebCSD:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.5 or later. Latest JRE v1.8 highly recommended for optimal performance.
  • Your network must allow you to open TCP socket connections to on either port 80 or port 8765.
  • You must allow pop-ups for the * domain.
  • You must enable Javascript in your web browser.
  • Client-side cookies are used to store personal preferences within WebCSD. They may also be used to store essential per-session data required for WebCSD access. If you disable cookies, your preferences and interface settings will not be retained and you may not be able to access WebCSD.
  • You must accept the CCDC digital certificate when prompted to do so by the WebCSD Java applets. The Java applets have been digitally signed to give them sufficient privileges to connect to the WebCSD server. Failure to accept the certificate will prevent them from starting your searches. If you reject the digital certificate, you will still be prompted to accept it next time you visit the site in a new browser session.

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