Note: GOLD 5.4 and later uses CSD software suite based licensing, and does not require a flexnet license server to be run. The following information therefore only applies to GOLD 5.3 and earlier.


In some circumstances when attempting to start a FlexNet licence server you may find that the "licence server" starts up as requested but the "vendor daemon" remains down. This can be caused by a stale vendor daemon process or licence server lock file remaining from a previous licence server session.

The first thing to do is stop the licence server by running the following command:

GOLD_Suite/bin/gold_licence stop

Then search for any remaining vendor daemon processing still running on your system using the following command:

ps -ef | grep ccdc

If you find any such processes, please kill them using a command of the following type:

kill -9 <process id>

In addition, you need to check for any licence lock files present in your temporary area, i.e.:


If you find any such files, please delete them. You should then be able to restart your licence server using the command:

GOLD_Suite/bin/gold_licence start

To be sure that everything is running correctly, you can check the licence server status using the command:

GOLD_Suite/bin/gold_licence status​

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