The format of the files used as input to RIETAN has changed quite significantly between RIETAN-2000 and RIETAN-FP. DASH currently recognises whether RIETAN-2000 or FP is being used based on the name of the RIETAN executable set in the configuration dialogue. In the RIETAN-Venus package, however, the executable for FP is no longer called rietan-fp.exe, but simply rietan.exe. In the future there will be a check-box available in the configuration dialogue to define whether RIETAN 2000 or FP is being used, but as a work-around it is possible to simply rename the executable to rietan-fp.exe and then DASH should output the correct format of files.

N.B. The interfaces to third-party refinement packages in DASH are kept as up-to-date as possible, but no support is provided by the CCDC for these external programs.​

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