Note: The following information applies only to WebCSD version 1 (legacy WebCSD).

​The CCDC hosts a secure public updates server accessible via the internet. This server provides regular incremental data updates for WebCSD. On average, around 1000 new entries are added every 7-10 days. Some entries will also have been edited, and some may have been deleted. WebCSD has an Updates Manager that makes it easy to download and apply these incremental updates. Log-in to the Admin section and go to the Updates Manager. You will see a table of available updates that WebCSD has just obtained directly from the updates server.

Simply select the update(s) you wish to apply and click 'Download selected updates'. Your WebCSD server will authenticate itself with the updates server by sending some unique data from your encrypted licence file. If your licence details are currently valid, WebCSD will download all requested updates into your local data updates folder. Please note - updates must be downloaded and applied in chronological order, oldest first; the Updates Manager will enforce this requirement.

Then you simply need to restart your WebCSD server, either via the Updates Manager GUI or from the command line, and all downloaded data updates will be automatically processed and added to your WebCSD database. Please note - the WebCSD server is not able to perform any queries while processing updates.

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