Note: GOLD 5.4 and later uses CSD software suite based licensing, and does not require a flexnet license server to be run. The following information therefore only applies to GOLD 5.3 and earlier.


GOLD 5.3 and earlier uses Flexnet licensing. In order to licence it:

  • If you are already running a GOLD licence server and wish to update an existing licence file, please remember to stop the FlexNet licence server first.
  • After updating/installing a counted permanent GOLD licence, please remember to start/restart the FlexNet licence server after saving the changes.

You will be sent a file called which you should copy to the top level of your GOLD Suite installation and then unpack the ccdc_licence.dat file it contains. On Windows this can be achieved by double clicking on the .zip file and extracting the .dat file.

On linux use the command: 


or if unzip is unavailable on your system use the commands:

  gunzip -S .zip
  mv ccdc_licence ccdc_licence.dat​

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