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    How-to: visualise crystal morphology

    For some structures you may be interested in the physical shape of the crystal and the relationship between this shape and the structure at the molecular level. You can predict the shape of the crystal itself using the BFDH morphology option.

    Here each of the crystal faces is indexed and we can explore the packing of the structure as normal. If you have experimentally determined the crystal shape (by "face indexing") you may want to read in this information for display in Mercury. You can do this by opening the BFDH morphology dialogue and clicking on Open, then reading in your morphology file.

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    How-to: use lasso to select atoms in Mercury

    A 'how to' video on using the Lasso Select in 'Mercury.'

    To use the lasso select in mercury you simply click on the lasso select icon in the top right of the Mercury window and then use the left click to draw around your atoms. You can use the lasso select on one molecule up to a whole crystal structure, in exactly the same way. Using the lasso select saves time as selecting individual atoms in a whole crystal structure can be unnecessarily time consuming.

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    Teaching: Electrophilic Addition Tutorial

    ​Elecrophilic addition excercise that uses the free teaching subset of the CSD

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    Teaching: VSEPR Tutorial

    VSEPR excercise that uses the free Teaching subset of the CSD

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    How-to: Calculate the centroid of a functional group

    A 'how to' video on calculating the centroid of functional structure using 'Mercury.'

    Produced by Andrew Bennett (a student at Dame Alice Owen's School, Potters Bar) during a work experience placement at CCDC.​

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    WebCSD - the on-line portal to the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)

    This video gives an introduction to WebCSD which provides easy and convenient access to the wealth of structural knowledge contained in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

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    ConQuest and Mercury - advanced 3D search and analysis of CSD structures

    ​Thiswebinar introduces ConQuest and Mercury which provide advanced 3D search and analysis of CSD structures.

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    IsoStar - exploring intermolecular interactions

    IsoStar is a knowledge-based library of intermolecular interactions distributed as part of the Cambridge Structural Database System.

    IsoStar provides thousands of interactive 3D scatterplots that show the probability of occurrence and spatial characteristics of interactions between pairs of chemical functional groups. Accessed using just a few intuitive button clicks these scatterplots facilitate the rapid exploration and assessment of intermolecular interactions without the need to construct complex search queries, or carry out detailed data analyses.

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    Mercury - How to change the colour of a measurement label

    This is a short video showing how to change the colour of a measurement label in Mercury.

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    Mercury - How to change spacegroup settings

    This is a short video showing how to change space group settings in Mercury