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    How-to: Display hydrogen-bonding graph sets in Mercury

    A 'how-to' video on displaying hydrogen-bonding graph sets using Mercury.

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    Validation of Experimental Crystal Structures (2)

    This use case illustrates how to check and validate a potentially dubious structure refinement.

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    New features and improvements in the CSDS 2013 release

    The new features and improvements in the 2013 release of the Cambridge Structural Database System are illustrated in this webinar. This will be of particular interest to anyone who uses Mercury. The visualisation quality and performance ot the 3D visualiser in Mercury has been improved, resulting in better resolution, added anti-aliasing, better depth-cueing, faster rendering and quicker refresh rate for large structures. Other improvements have been made in response to user requests, such as image output improvements.

  • enCIFer User Guide (2017)