• Announcing the 2020 Struchkov Prize winners for early-career work in crystallography

    The CCDC is excited to announce the 2020 Struchkov Prize winners. Advancing structural science is a global effort, and the CCDC has been a proud financial supporter of the Struchkov Prize Association (SPA) since 2015.

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  • Safety and Community - A winning combination

    A few times in a career, if you are lucky, you get to participate in a project that offers a chance to make a real difference. For me, that has been my involvement with the Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL). When BMS in 2015 proposed the idea of a community crowdsourced reaction safety database, support and funding flowed in. We were able to launch a serious and sustained effort in collective community safety that continues to this day.

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  • Advancing Structural Science - predictions for the future from data leaders

    The past year has pushed the importance and challenges of scientific discovery into the spotlight. What lessons can we learn, and what changes can scientific leaders make going forward? In a virtual "fireside chat" the leaders of the CCDC and the RCSB PDB explored this topic, and we share some key learnings from the discussion here.


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  • New industry report asks - are we due a data revolution?

    With every challenge, there is opportunity. Looking into the vast challenge that is COVID-19 it can be difficult to see this, but the pandemic has forced us to contemplate new possibilities in all areas of life, including scientific research.

    The world turned to the pharmaceutical industry for help, and the variety of responses makes us question; how did some get ahead while others struggled?

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  • An international Affair - CCDC holds second Virtual User Group Meeting!

    A few weeks ago we held our second virtual CCDC User Group meeting. While it was timed to best accommodate our community in the Pacific time zone, it was open to all.
    Our two primary themes revolved around:
    • Innovation in science education, with an emphasis on the remote learning strategies due to Covid-19
    • Data sharing and collaboration in drug discovery and development, whether down the hall or across the world
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  • Meet Carmen Nitsche, General Manager for CCDC Inc.

    Greetings from the New Jersey shore. I am Carmen Nitsche, the General Manager for CCDC, Inc, the U.S. subsidiary of the CCDC. As I just moved from part time to full time GM this month, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself.

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  • Going virtual – the first CCDC UGM held online!

    A few months ago, watching the news of COVID-19 spreading, we knew it would not be safe to hold our user group meeting at a hotel in Cambridge, MA as planned. Rather than cancelling, we moved this to become a virtual event which went ahead on the same date, 24th April 2020.

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