• CCDC Research on COVID-19 - 9th April update

    Since my last article almost 2 weeks ago progress has been made on several projects, so I wanted to provide a quick update.

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  • CCDC Research on COVID-19

    The CCDC is actively seeking areas where we can assist in the fight against the nefarious SARS-Cov2 disease currently taking hold around the world.

    We’ve already started committing to research time and have noted several collaborative efforts.

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  • Using the CSD Python API with Excel

    Love it or hate it, Excel is extensively used in industrial settings. Often folk like to use Excel to analyse the results of their work generated from some script or workflow.  The usual workflow is to dump out a CSV file and load this into Excel, but sometimes this is somewhat inefficient. (How many times have you dumped a CSV file, loaded it, re-filtered it etc. etc. only then to discover that maybe the output needs one extra field you should have added, so you end up repeating the analysis run with a small script change and then going through all the steps on loading the Excel file again. If you end up doing this a lot, it gets inefficient!).

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