Paul obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford in 1980 and an MBA in 2000.  After carrying out postgraduate surface physics research at a Max Planck Institute in West Berlin, he was recruited by Chemical Design Ltd. in 1984, where he helped develop the customer services and sales operations.  In 1992 he joined Oxford Molecular where he ran their European commercial operations.  When Oxford Molecular merged with MSI in 2000, to form Accelrys, Paul was appointed as the new company’s European General Manager and he established their first Consulting Division.  In 2002 he spent a period as Chief Operating Officer at InforSense and then in 2003 founded the database security start-up Secerno, where he served as CEO and COO before the company was bought by Oracle in 2010.  InhibOx, an Oxford-based drug discovery company, specializing in large-scale library design and virtual screening, then recruited Paul as their CEO. 

He joined the CCDC in 2012 as the Business Director, heading up all commercial operations, with a remit to develop closer ties between the CCDC and its extensive global user base and research partner network. In October 2013 he moved to the USA to establish the CCDC’s first operations there, at the Rutgers University Center for Integrative Proteomics Research. He has built and manages the CCDC team there.

Google Scholar: Paul Davie

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