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The sketcher in Structure Search already provides a series of convenient templates including 5-membered rings, 6-membered rings, bicyclic rings, complex rings and other functional groups. We could provide some additional sets of templates for chemistry like calixarenes, ferrocenes, fullerenes, porphyrins and cp ligands.

Status Details

This was a highly rated improvement that would be quite straightforward to implement. We therefore accepted this idea to look at a little more closely. As of October 2018, the new feature has now been released in WebCSD - see the templates available within the Elemental sketcher (by Dotmatics) in the Structure Search tab. If you're not sure where to find the templates, look to the series of icons at the top of the sketcher - the template options is the icon furthest to the right hand side, with toluene displayed on the icon.

Comments (1)
  • Will you please add a template of the decaboron cage both for on-line and ConQuest searches