Suppose you have installed the API exactly as described in the installation instructions. When you try to run the tests, you might find that many tests fail with messages like:


IOError: Test file xxxxxxx does not exist in /mypath/tests/testdata or /mypath/doc/example_files


Sorry, this is because the installation instructions are unclear.  To run the tests, you need to extract the full archive, not just the 'tests' directory out of the archive.


We will update future versions of the documentation.

Which archive is this? I installed from csd-python-api-1.0.0-linux-64-py2.7-conda.tar.bz2. This does not seem to contain any tests:

[vagrant@localhost ~]$ tar -tf /vagrant/csd-python-api-1.0.0-linux-64-py2.7-conda.tar.bz2 | grep gz

[vagrant@localhost ~]

Hi Chris,


The test aren't bundled within the conda packages at all.  You will need to look in any of the pip archives.



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