I'm attempting to install the API on Ubuntu 16.04.  The run_test.sh script gives the attached output:

I have tried using anaconda for the installation, and pip. Attached is the output from the pip installation, the anaconda was the same although the installation tarball for the latter didn't seem to have the tests directory in it, so I had to unpack the pip tarball anyway!

The output from the tests looks a bit worrying to me.  Why are some tests skipped?  The Segmentation faults look particularly iffy.  Is there any way of knowing which tests were failing? It may be that these are for things we're not licensed for or won't be using (we have licenses for CSD-System only).

I realise that ubuntu isn't on your list of known successes.  That seems a bit odd, given its popularity.  I can probably switch to Suse if needed, though that would be disappointing.



After some more persistence and patience, I seem to have it running ok on Ubuntu 16.04.  I installed it into a fresh anaconda environment using

conda install ~/Downloads/csd-python-api-1.0.0-linux-64-py2.7-conda.tar.bz2

and some simple things work.  My initial thought that it wasn't working was because 

mol_checked = engine.analyse_molecule( mol )

seemed to hang - that's where the patience came in.  It just takes quite a bit longer than I thought it would.

My experience is that using pip install and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH as suggested in the installation instructions is a mistake. On my machine, at any rate, this left me with incompatible libraries in my the search path, which had been built with an older glibc than the system libraries, so I got a lot of shared library errors. Installing with anaconda didn't show this effect, for reasons that I can't fathom.


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