I've been using PyCharm, but I was curious to know what everyone else uses, and if anyone thinks any editors are better for specific jobs?

I started out using Notepad++ for script writing and editing as this is very straightforward to use and provides decent syntax highlighting for Python. I'm slowly coming around to PyCharm though for more complex scripts.

Most of the time I work in PyCharm, especially for larger scripts. However, if I'm writing scripts that I might wan't to demonstrate interactively to my supervisor, or anyone else, I use Ipython notebooks. They are interactive because they allow you to print the results, e.g. graphs and tables, of your script within the same browser window in which you are working. They also allow you to code in small manageable blocks that can be run independently of each other, allowing you to make small changes to the block of code you're working on, and check the results instantaneously without re-running the whole script.

If you have access to Microsoft Developer Studio, this is quite handy:




I use a variety of basic editors (gedit) to DAWN. *Terrible plug warning* DAWN (www.dawnsci.org) is an eclipse RCP based client, which includes PyDev (another very good python editor) and IPython. As well as this there's a range of tools for plotting and visualising graphical data. You can also use Jython and we have developed a Jython clone of the numpy library with many more bells & whistles (which are also accessible with C Python). Here endeth the plug.

The advantage of DAWN is that it has the data visualisation tools. The disadvantage is that, as an eclipse client, it's pretty heavyweight.

I use GNU Emacs 24.5 with a custom configuration available at my .emacs.d git repository.

This is GNU Emacs though: there is a somewhat steep learning curve if you want to grok the advanced features.

If you clone the repo into your home directory, it should grab and download all dependencies and will get you started.

It supports auto-completion, code navigation, version control management, project management, debugging, virtual environments, refactoring, syntax highlighting etc.


Other IDEs that you could look at are Spyder or PyDev for Eclipse.

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