Version 1.0 of the CSD Python API is in testing now. This marks a level of maturity in the product, established over the past few years, that we believe makes it ready for wide-spread use. Active development of the API is not going to stop now. On the contrary, we have some exciting developments lined up as we push more of the CCDC's extensive scientific technology into this interface.


Hitting the notable 1.0 milestone encourages us to pause for a moment and to think about how it might best help users do their jobs. You might have some ideas or priorities that are beyond our current thoughts.


What features or enhancements would you most like to see in the future CSD Python API?


Are there any parts you would like to see improved: more functionality, faster, easier to use? Are there any specific CCDC tools that you'd like to access via the API? Are there any important tasks that you can't yet complete with the API?


We are listening...

Version 1.0 of the API is now available. What would you like to see in version 2.0?

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