PDB CSD Joint Webinar: Advancing the Case for Collaboration and Integration in Structural Science

This webinar welcomes two leaders in structural data to reflect on how biology and chemistry disciplines might collaborate and integrate for better research outcomes for all. Our speakers;

  • Dr Juergen Harter, CEO of the CCDC who curate the Cambridge Structural Database
  • Dr Stephen K. Burley, Director of the RCSB PDB, the US data centre for the global PDB archive

The global data resources curated and managed by these two organisations power ground breaking research around the world. What does the future look like for these institutions? How can we secure better research outcomes in an increasingly inter-disciplinary and “digital first” research environment?

Who should watch?

  • Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics scientists
  • Crystallographers
  • Data Scientists
  • Scientists using CSD or PDB data in their work


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