Solid Form Snapshot

A fast, standardised, data-driven report on your solid form, delivered securely to your inbox to assess risks and inform your development.

Harness the power of solid form informatics without the workload in this rapid risk assessment of your API solid form.

The Solid Form Snapshot applies insights from the CSD, the world’s database of known small-molecule organic structures, to your proprietary solid form. It returns simple, standardised results securely to you.

Trusted by top 10 pharmaceutical companies, this approach lets you rapidly apply solid form informatics (using our CSD-Core and CSD-Materials software) to your proprietary structure − with minimal work or experience.


Standardised report to inform your workflow

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Understand key structural attributes of your solid form when compared with over 1 million published crystal structures. Prioritise further analysis, experimentation, and risk assessment.

Automated analysis removes variation and gives you reproducible results.

Two-day delivery


Get results fast. Just two working days from the time you securely send your structure to receiving the report.

Informatics-based solid form assessment

Apply knowledge derived from over a million experimentally confirmed structures. Results are based on the world’s database of known small-molecule crystal structures.

Strict confidentiality

Feel secure with CCDC. We are trusted by top companies across the pharmaceutical industry to handle proprietary data in confidence.

We have a range of options for secure data transfer and work in strictest confidence under CDA agreements.


You don’t need any experience with CSD software or data. Structural chemistry or crystallography knowledge is needed to usefully interpret the report findings. Take a look at our sample report here if you’re unsure.

We also offer a deeper analysis of solid forms, including interpretation of results from our scientists

We have a range of options to securely submit your proprietary data. CCDC has been a trusted partner of top pharmaceutical companies for decades and has extensive experience securely handling proprietary data as well as working under confidentiality agreements.

Yes − for the analysis to work, we require a crystal structure, ideally with an R-factor below 7.5 and all hydrogens placed. Disorder may impede the analysis.

No − the report is designed to provide you with more information from informatics analyses, which you can use together with your experimental knowledge.

Our Solid Form Health Check service provides bespoke analysis from one of our scientists, and it includes the interpretation of results and recommendations.