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Upcoming webinars 


This webinar welcomes two leaders in structural data to reflect on how biology and chemistry disciplines might collaborate and integrate for better research outcomes for all.

  • Dr Juergen Harter, CEO of the CCDC who curate the Cambridge Structural Database
  • Dr Stephen K. Burley, Director of the RCSB PDB, the US data centre for the global PDB archive

The global data resources curated and managed by these two organisations power ground breaking research around the world. What does the future look like for these institutions?





What's Up: Customer Update Webinar

The CCDC What's Up webinars are open to all users. They're a great opportunity to hear the latest developments and address your questions to our team of experts. We aim to promote a friendly environment where everyone can share their ideas.


Remember, every time you attend a webinar you will:

  • Keep up to date on the latest product developments;
  • Participate in discussion with your peers globally;
  • Input your ideas on future product direction;
  • Get hints and tips on using CCDC solutions.

Our mini regular updates for users of any CCDC services.

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Past webinars

These include hints and tips, news and updates, questions from the audience and planned future developments.

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CCDC and FIZ Karlsruhe Webinar

This webinar highlights our joint access and deposition services as well as explore some of our users requirements for an advanced interface for searching all organic, metal-organic and inorganic structures.

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Matwall: materials knowledge transfer

Pharmaceutical industry experts Rob Willacy (CCDC) and Simon Black (Sycryst) discuss Matwall, including;

  • The five levels of a Matwall, and how it can support effective knowledge transfer throughout the drug development process;

  • How crystal structures are fundamental to robust regulatory submissions and manufacturing processes;

  • Materials-based risk assessment of an active pharmaceutical ingredient through commercial process development

Watch on demand here.