CSD System update available

An update for the CSD System is now available that addresses some technical issues with both Mercury and PreQuest.

This update will upgrade Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Mercury 3.0 installations to version 3.0.1. For Windows CSD System installations, it will also update PreQuest. The update contains the following features:

  • Corrected ability to set proxy server settings in IsoStar settings to prevent long start up times [13539]
  • [Windows CSD System Only] Resolved issue with erroneous superscripts appearing in 2D edit mode in PreQuest

This update can be obtained via the auto-update mechanism built into Mercury - to do so, start Mercury and select Help -> Check for Updates and follow the prompts to install. You will need write permission to the main installation folder to install this update. If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, a convenient way to ensure you have administrator privileges is to right click on the Mercury desktop icon -> Run as... -> The following user: Administrator.

An alternative method to obtain the update is by download