Powder-diffraction methods have an ever increasing range of applications across materials science, chemistry, physics and life sciences. This 3-day school will explore the theory behind this technique, and host a range of workshops with experts in the field.

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CSD Workshop – Depositing and exploring data in the Cambridge Structural Database

When: 21 January 2022 (time to be confirmed)

Type: Virtual

Workshop synopsis: 

In this session we will introduce you to the CSD and you will learn how to deposit data, as well as explore some hints and tips to help you find structures determined by powder diffraction, how to visualise crystal data and how to calculate powder patterns from over 1 million structures in the CSD.

You will get the opportunity to use the software and we will also provide you with information about where to find hands-on exercises should you want to explore the CSD further. 


Language: English (subtitles will be available)

Lecturers: Ilaria Gimondi and Suzanna Ward, CCDC


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