The international conference on materials chemistry is the flagship event for the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Materials Chemistry division.


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This year the programme covers a broad range of topics under the theme of sustainability in chemistry throughout the materials lifecycle. Tracks include:

  • Materials for a changing future - including responsive and smart systems, hybrid bio/organic/inorganic materials, eletronic and magnetic materials, evolving properties and AI / computational materials systems.
  • Materials for design and devleopment - covering aspects of chemistry critical to the design of sustainable processes, foundation industries and environmental applications including magneto-solar and thermoelectrics, optics, nanostructures and polymers.
  • Materials for energy - including energy generation, conversion and storage, Li-ion batteries and beyond, solid-state, Na-ion, solar cells, photo/electrocatalysis and solar fuel generation or fuel cells.
  • Materials for life - including any related to biological or medical applications, biomimetic and bioinspired or biohybrid systems


Find out more and register to attend on the RSC website here.