Crystal Conversations - joint hosted by CCDC and BACG - are here to help the solid form chemistry community learn and grow together in the absence of traditional conferences.

We meet once a month online, covering a range of topics in crystal growth, crystallisation, crystallography and more. 

In the October 2020 meeting we will;

  • LEARNCo-crystals - Data-driven discovery of co-crystals using network science and machine learning - René de Gelder and Jan-Joris Devogelaer from Radbound University
    • Physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties of pure compounds can be modified by the formulation of co-crystals. [1] However, the design of co-crystals remains extremely challenging. In this contribution we present the application of network science and machine learning to the data-driven discovery of new co-crystals. [2,3,4]
  • LEARN - Nucleation - Accelerating and inhibiting nucleation from solution - Peter Kaskiewicz from University of Leeds
  • GROW - with lightning talks, 1 slide / 3 minutes - especially welcoming students and early career scientists to present on their work. Promote a paper, call out for collaborators, or simply practice your presentation skills. Reach out to speakers in the chat box to make some new connections.


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