Wednesday, 21st April - 3pm to 4.30pm (BST)


In this workshop you will learn how to programmatically access the CSD using our Python API by:

  • Familiarising yourself with how CSD entries are represented in the CSD Python API.
  • Learning how to access CSD entries.
  • Learning how to read different file formats.
  • Learning how to run a search and output results.


  • Show one - our team will go through an example on their screen.
  • Try one – It’s your turn, work through the example yourself – with our team on the line for support.
  • Explore more – we’ll summarise the key points, and give you further examples to try in your own time.

Virtual Event IconRequirements:

  • Familiar with Python. This workshop will NOT cover how to use Python, but rather how to use the CSD-Python API.
  • Familiar with Mercury. If not, consider reviewing our self-guided visualisation workshop before the event. 
  • Ideally familiar with the CSD-Core (previously, CSD-System).
  • A current, valid CSD licence - CSD-Core or above.
  • Temporary licence: if you are not a current user you can request a temporary licence to participate - email to enquire