We share news and updates on CSD software with live demonstrations delivered by our team of scientists.

In January our theme is: Crystal Engineering.

Crystal Engineering is used in the development of pharmaceuticals and functional materials to produce molecular solids with specific physical or chemical properties.

For example; developing a co-crystal of a drug to improve its solubility, or designing gas storage materials with the desired properties.

This requires a well characterized crystal structure—to deeply understand the material's stability, and see how changes impact its chemical and physical properties.


In this webinar we'll demonstrate two tools that can help you when designing crystalline materials, including new changes from the 2021.3 CSD release (December 2021).

  • CSD subsets - to narrow focus and examine only structures in your desired field for comparison or statistical analysis.
  • Editing the visual display of crystal structures in Mercury - to ensure that your analysis and images accurately represent even complex or disordered structures


Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT) 

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Who should attend?

  • Scientists in crystal engineering for pharmaceuticals or functional materials
  • Researchers looking to produce solid form materials with specific chemical or physical properties
  • Solid form scientists
  • Students and chemistry educators wanting to learn more about crystal engineering