Sunday 30 October 2022 – Friday 11 November 2022

CSD workshop at AsCa 2022

Ilaria Gimondi, Education and Outreach Officer, and Suzanna Ward, Head of Data and Community.


Workshop Title: The Cambridge Structural Database - Learning from one million crystal structures

Date: Thursday 3rd November

Time: TBC

Session Type: in-person workshop


The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is a database of over one million curated crystal structures of organic and metal-organic compounds. The CSD is curated by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC). The CCDC is a registered charity and non-profit organisation committed to the advancement of chemistry for public benefit. At the CCDC, world-leading experts in structural chemistry help shape the future with software and data services that accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines and chemical products. The wealth of information from the 1.1 million structures in the CSD can be used to derive new knowledge, and in these workshops, we will explore some of the ways you can do that.

First, we will introduce you to the CSD and you will learn about the process to deposit data in the CSD, using the CCDC web deposition service, including which files are needed, running checks, which additional information to add, and tips to enhance your deposition.

Then, we will explore how to search, visualize, and analyse this wealth of structural data using our associated software. You will learn how to construct effective searches of the database and CSD subsets using ConQuest, the CSD desktop searching software. We will then show you how the data can be visualised and analysed in Mercury, and how you can use Mercury to create publication ready images. We will also explore how to get more insights into your crystal structures using Mogul, the CSD Software tool for assessing molecular geometries versus the data in the CSD.


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