We are delighted to have a presence at the Annual meeting of the Crystallographic Society of Japan with our partners JAICI and Osaka University (a CCDC National Affiliate Centre). Japan is an important and growing market for the CCDC with both valuable customers and partners and many opportunities for expansion.

Japan has a population that is living longer, with over a quarter of citizens being over 65, with increasingly sophisticated healthcare needs and the challenge of limited budgets. Japan is one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, worth over $70 billion, and under Abenomics has been able to accelerate the approval of innovative new drugs.

CCDC tools align perfectly with the need to increase innovation whilst keeping costs down. The massive, high quality data set of 3D molecular structures curated by the CCDC paired with the intelligent search and analysis tools powers digital prediction. This means that new interactions potentially leading to new drugs and therapeutic interventions can be identified. Alternatively, molecular risk factors that might cause issues in development, manufacture or in the market can be eliminated early in the process saving millions.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, Japan is a leader in many materials markets where the understanding of molecular structure and interactions are critical to success. These include battery technologies, catalysis, gas storage and many more.

 If you're attending the conference, please do come along and find out about the latest innovations in the CCDC products and services at the JAICI and Osaka University booth.

 Location: Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama Campus, Tokyo, Japan)

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