Everyone now knows that accurate and high quality data is critical to artificial intelligence. Substantial resources in a typical AI project are devoted to creating effective datasets. The Cambridge Structural Database is clearly a great starting point; even with that though, how do we get from algorithms and data to real intelligence?

This will form the basis of discussions at our upcoming European UGM and Science Day from the 13th-14th June 2019 here at the CCDC offices in Cambridge UK. Our contributors will be sharing their experiences in the practical applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning, and discussing how the CSD can contribute to future AI efforts.

On the product front, the CCDC team will also be presenting the latest developments in our data and software solutions. This includes the product roadmap and key development themes as well as a discussion of the findings from our installation and integration surveys.

A number of our customers from pharma and biotech will be presenting their research which will be a great opportunity to hear how key challenges have been addressed. In addition, CCDC-sponsored PhD students will present highlights of their work providing a great opportunity to establish some industry-academia collaborations.

We look forward to meeting with colleagues old and new and to a stimulating discussion.

View the preliminary agenda:

UGM draft agenda

If you would like to attend this event please get in touch to confirm your registration at hello@ccdc.cam.ac.uk.