We are pleased to bring a series of workshops and seminars to the west coast to accompany the User’s Group Meeting!


Two workshop will be held, one in San Diego (Feb 8), and one in San Francisco (Feb 11). These will cover Data Deposition and Access, Advanced searching and structural analysis, GOLD docking tutorials and an introduction to our new API. The focus will be a hands-on experience using your own laptop. Installation instructions for new users will be provided upon registration. Lunch will be provided. Space is limited, so please register below to reserve your spots.

                Feb 8: San Diego Workshop

                Feb 11: San Francisco Workshop (registration deadline for this event is January 20, 2016)


Dr. Colin Groom, Executive Director of the CCDC will give a series of seminars on “Using 807,149 crystal structures to design better drugs and predict even more crystal structures.” The seminars will be hosted at University of California San Francisco (San Francisco) on Feb 10, and University of Washington (Seattle) on Feb 12.  Space is limited so please register below.

Feb 10: UCSF Seminar

Feb 12: UW Seminar

Abstract: Drug discovery scientists are bathed in structural information. Crystal structures of molecular targets are available for almost every target class, often with ligands of interest. But whilst many drug discovery stories tell of the involvement of structural biology, the contribution of structural chemistry is often overlooked.

This (probably provocative presentation), will describe the vast array of small molecule structures available, before illustrating the ways in which medicinal chemists are using them to tackle the challenges of affinity, selectivity, bioavailability and solubility.