We are excited to take part in hosting and taking part in several events at the IUCr Congress 2021.

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11th-12th August 2021

Workshop: When should small molecule crystallographers publish raw diffraction data?

Natalie Johnson, Data Integrity Research Scientists at the CCDC, will be presenting a talk, on the 12th August from 15:45- 16:10 (CET) or 14:45 - 15:10 (BST).

Natalie's talk will be on the value of integration of raw data with publishing procedures and results databases. 

The workshop will be beneficial to a large number of small-molecule crystallographers and data scientists. Attendees should gain an understanding of the importance of archiving raw data and how to archive their own raw data effectively. 

Find more information about the event, including the agenda and how to attend the event, here

More information about the IUCr Congress 2021, here

12th August 2021

CSD and ICSD Workshop: Depositing, searching and visualising organic, metal-organic and inorganic structures

We are excited to be hosting an interactive workshop at the IUCr congress workshop. 

We will be collaborating with the ICSD to give you the opportunity to learn about both the structural databases and have the opportunity to deposit, search, visualise and learn from data. The workshops will consist of four sessions delivered by the CCDC and FIZ Karlsruhe. 

The sessions are designed for beginners and will include some advanced tips and tricks for more familiar users for the databases. 

Be sure to sign up fast are there is a maximum capacity of 150 participants.


  • 9:00-10:30 (BST) - Session One: Depositing and publishing data through the CSD and the ICSD
  • 11:00-12:30 (BST) - Session Two: Searching and visualising metal-organic structures in the CSD
  • 13:30-15:00 (BST) - Session Three: Searching and visualising inorganic data in the ICSD
  • 15:15-16:00 (BST) - Session Four: Joint panel discussion


14th August 2021

MX Raw image data and metadata, formats and validation

Data Integrity Research Scientist Natalie Johnson presents: Synchrotron Data in the CSD

More details here.


We will also be presenting talks, posters and chairing various sessions throughout the IUCr 2021 event:


14th August - Ewald Prize lecture

CCDC founder Dr Olga Kennard was awarded the twelfth Ewald prize - learn more here. Suzanna Ward, Head of Data and Community will deliver the prize lecture in her honour.


15th August - Keynote - KN-4: Crystal forms in pharmaceutical applications: Olanzapine, a gift to crystal chemistry that keeps on giving

Susan Reutzel-Edens, Rajni Bhardwaj


15th August - Talk - MS-8: Using social media to share the wonders of crystallography - perspectives from a structural database

Ilaria Gimondi, Yinka Olatunji-Ojo, Zainab Abdulali, Ana Machado, Sophie Bryant, Suzanna Ward


15th August - Talk - MS-16: Crystallographic review - perspectives from a chemical structural database

Suzanna Ward, Natalie Johnson, Matthew Lightfoot


15th August - Poster: Come for the drug, stay for the solvent!

Ioana Sovago, Peter Wood 


16th August - Co-charing with PDB Japan - SMS-2: Exemplary practice in chemical, biological and materials database archiving

Suzanna Ward, Genji Kurisu


16th August - Talk - SMS-2: CSD One Million: Reasons why the crystallographic community is exemplary

Ian Bruno, Natalie Johnson, Matthew Lightfoot, Suzanna Ward


16th August - Talk - MS-27: “Particle Informatics”: Evolving methods for understanding particle properties

Andrew Gerrard Patrick Maloney, Alexandru Aurelian Moldovan, Murray George Read


16th August - Poster: Metadata for better data - Growing and improving the Cambridge Structural Database

Natalie Johnson, Seth B Wiggin, Suzanna C Ward, Ian Bruno


21st August - Talk - MS-96: Crystallography schools to promote interdisciplinarity in science

Suzanna Ward, Ilaria Gimondi