In this workshop you will explore more advanced tips and tricks to search and analyse metal-organic structures by:

  • Learning more advanced searching options in ConQuest.
  • Familiarising with using subsets in ConQuest.
  • Learning how to export and analyse hitlists in Mercury. 

The workshop will focus on metal-organic structures, but is open to scientists interested to other structures in the CSD.



  • Feeling comfortable with basics of Mercury visualisation:
    • Navigating the Mercury interface.
    • Editing styles, and colours.
    • Displaying packing diagrams.

If not, consider reviewing our self-guided visualisation workshop before the event. 

  • Feeling comfortable with the basics of searching in ConQuest:
    • Navigating the ConQuest interface, and in particular the Build Queries tab options.
    • Drawing substructures in the Draw window.

If not, consider reviewing our self-guided searching workshop before the event. 

  • A current, valid CSD licence - CSD-Core or above.