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CCDC Presentations

Monday, 21 August

W4:  CSD Workshop: Communication, Education and Research
Andrew Maloney, Amy Sarjeant, Suzanna Ward, Pete Wood
Session 1:  Deposit, access, visualise, educate
Session 2:  Advanced research applications
Time:  09:00-16:00


Tuesday, 22 August

Mogul: A tool to analyze protein bound ligand structures
Sivakumar Sekharan
MS-001: Analysis and validation of protein ligand structures
Session time:  10:30-13:05, Room: Hall 4

Harnessing the knowledge of metal-organic frameworks
Pete Wood
MS-002:  Crystallographic approach for designing new metal organic frameworks 
Session time: 10:30-13:05, Room: Hall 5

Can predicted solid form landscapes provide insight into structure-property correlations?
Andrew Maloney
MS-012:  Structure-property correlation in pharmaceutical solids
Session time: 14:55-17:30, Room: Hall 6

A 3D approach to teaching chemistry
Amy Sarjeant
MS-016: New approaches in crystallographic teaching
Session time: 14:55-17:30, Room: MR 2.01

How databases can help set standards from validation to publication
Suzanna Ward
MS-099:  Crystallographic data and structure validation from data collection to publication - IUCr setting standards
Poster Number:  139


Wednesday, 23 August

A world-wide education in crystallography
Amy Sarjeant
MS-032: Crystallography courses around the world
Session time: 14:55-17:30, Room: MR 1.05

CCDC Community Reception 
Join us for a celebration of the CCDC Community
For more information, click here.
Time: 19:00-22:00, Room: MR 2.03


Saturday, 26 August
Crystallography in the developing world: Experiences in Africa and beyond
Suzanna Ward
MS-080: Emerging science in the emerging world
Session time: 10:30-13:05, Room: MR 2.02