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We are also accepting registrations for a special lunchtime talk entitled "A Celebration of 700,000 Small Molecule Crystal Structures".  Note that registration is required to attend this event.  Please email Susan Henderson ( to reserve a place.  Further details about the session are provided below.
A Celebration of 700,000 Small Molecule Crystal Structures
August 8, 2014, 12.15-13.45 
Palais des congrès, Room 516d
Crystallographers have been responsible for some remarkable achievements, demonstrated by the 28 Nobel prizes awarded in the field. The crystallographic community can also claim a remarkable achievement: the output of every structure determination ever published is available for all. Not only can we learn from these individual structures, but we can learn from the collection.
The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is one of the collections of crystallographic data and it contains all the small molecule crystal structures ever published. Thanks to the hard working crystallographic community this valuable resource now contains over 700,000 crystal structures and the rate of growth of the CSD continues to rise.
In this International Year of Crystallography we will reflect on some of the more eccentric structures in the CSD and examine trends in the data in relation to authorship, citation, and crystallographic statistics such as space group, Z’ and polymorph propensities. We will present selected examples of the extraordinary, curious and bizarre and highlight some of our most prolific depositors. We will look at what structure contains the largest number of different elements, what is the longest (defensible) carbon-carbon covalent bond and the shortest.  Often the outliers help clarify the rules and in some cases have themselves given way to being part of the norm.
Most importantly we will take this opportunity to thank you, our depositors, and highlight some of your remarkable achievements before finding out how you would like to see us develop in the future.