Gaborone, Botswana

SciDataCon Sessions

Wednesday 7th November
Public upstream data to downstream innovation – A domain repository perspective, Speaker: Suzanna Ward, Time: In the morning of Wednesday November 7th, Session: Issues in the Relationships of Upstream Research Data to Downstream Innovation,

Thursday 8th November
Session organised by Ian Bruno: Data interoperability in chemistry, biology, and crystallography: Enabling multidisciplinary solutions to societal challenges - a joint IUCr/IUPAC effort.
Part 1 at 11:30 am will include the following talk:
The challenges and promise of interoperable data: A crystallographer’s perspective Speaker: Amy Sarjeant, Time: 11:30

RDA Sessions

Tuesday 6th November

09:30 WG RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange
09:30 IG Domain Repositories: Domain Specific FAIR
11:30 WG Data Usage Metrics (Ian Bruno, Co-chair)


Wednesday 7th November

14:00 IG Chemistry Research Data (Ian Bruno, Co-chair)
Connecting Research Data Across Communities: Shared Challenges


Thursday 8th November

09:30 WG WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use


Friday 9th Nov

08:30 WDS 'Data Repositories Day'

CSD-Enterprise workshop - Using Structural Data for Research and Education
Location - University of Botswana
By Amy Sarjeant and Suzanna Ward (CCDC)