Date: 14th October 2020
Time: 09:00 - 16:00 BST
Place: Virtual event - log on from anywhere
We are inviting all user of CSD around the world to join us in a Global user group meeting.

Register: To book your place at our virtual Global UGM fill in the form at the bottom of the page





9.00 am - Welcome Jonathan Betts - Director of Business Development at CCDC

9.15 am - How CCDC is getting ready for 2021 Juergen Harter - CEO at CCDC

9.30 am - Session 1 - Future developments in the CSD and beyond

  • Looking at the past and to the future: A personal view of CSD software development - Robin Taylor (Emeritus Research Fellow)
  • The nuclearity manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals: How to bridge the CSD & PDB - Alice Brink (University of the Free State in South Africa)
  • The challenges and impact of data curation: The power of the CSD - Matthew Lightfoot (Editorial Team Lead)

11.00 - 11.15 am - Coffee break

11.15 am - Session 2

Track 1 - Using the CSD and CCDC tools to advance Discovery Science

  • Automating Structure-Based Design Using Fragment Hotspot Maps - Chris Radoux (Exscientia)
  • Is unusual torsional ligand geometry prevalent in highly resolved protein-ligand X-Ray structures? - John Liebeschuetz (Astex Pharmaceuticals)
  • Computationally Empowered Workflow identifies novel KRASG12CInhibitor - Jeremie Mortier (Bayer Berlin)

Track 2 - Using the CSD and CCDC tools to advance Materials Science

  • Computational screening of porous materials for biogas upgrading - Elena Besley (Head of Materials Chemistry University of Nottingham)
  • Intermolecular Interactions and Materials Properties in Coordination - Simon Parsons (University of Edinburgh)
  • Constructing Multi-Component Crystals of Chiral and Achiral Components: Combining Computation and Experiments - Colin Seaton (Bradford University)

Track 3 - Innovation and education in structural science

  • Developing bright training solutions for Africa - Experiences from Benin - Thierry d' Almeida (Research Director, CEA)
  • How to Grow a Crystallographer - Resources to inspire and engage current and next generations - Ilaria Gimondi (E&O Officer at CCDC) - Get ready for our virtual Bingo, download your cards here
  • Shining bright - the US Crystal Growing Competition - Jason Benedict (Associate Professor of Chemistry University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences)

13:00 - Lunch Break

13:45 - Session 3 - CCDC Roadmap 2020 developments and 2021 plans with Peter Wood

14.45 - Roundtable - Attracting and promoting the next generation of structural scientists

  • Chair - Jonathan Betts - Director of Business Development at CCDC
  • Panellist - Susan Reutzel-Edens (Senior Research Advisor at Eli Lilly & Company)
  • Panellist - Aurora Cruz Cabeza (Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester)
  • Panellist - Martin Stahl (Head of Lead Discovery, Therapeutic Modalities, at Roche)

15.30 - Farewells



What to expect 

The CCDC user group meetings offer the opportunity to learn of the latest developments in CCDC products, hear of real world applications and projects from your fellow users, and provide feedback and input to CCDC for future improvement. You will be able to chat with other users from across the pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and academia.

Adapting to the remote experience, our virtual UGM will be interactive and social. Turn your mic on to ask a question, chat with the presenter, or introduce us to your pets or family during the coffee break!

All users of CSD software are welcome to join us.


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Please note, while we always endeavour to deliver events as advertised, CCDC reserve the right to reschedule or cancel events as necessary and will not be liable for any costs that registrants incur relating to these changes.