Economics of Crystallography

Chairs: Lee Daniels (CCDC Business Development Executive) & Amy Sarjeant (Bristol Myers SquibbAssociate Scientific Director) 

Saturday, 7/31/2021 @ 12-3 PM EDT

Scientists cannot escape the restraint imposed by the cost of their research. This half-day session examines the past, current and future states of funding and profit in the world of structural science. The organizers encourage input from academia, industry, government and non-profit agencies in order to clarify the present and future of our science. Topics may include: How does funding drive the need and availability of crystallographic results? Why support crystallography? Funding a service lab, and justifying the cost. How does a contract research lab make the service economically feasible? Pharmaceuticals: What are the costs of exploring salts, co-crystals and polymorphs? What are the risks of NOT producing solid crystalline products?

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