Great science can change the world. Make it happen with a #ResearchResolution

Join us all through January 2021 with your pledge on social media - what will you discover?

We believe that scientists change the world - not only through big discoveries, but through the everyday planning, decisions, hard work, and incremental changes that lead there.

Join us on Twitter all month as our community shares their pledges, ideas, stories and tips to give your work that extra boost.

See our starter ideas below, or tag @ccdc_cambridge with #ResearchResolution to make your own pledge!



My #ResearchResolution is to give back to the scientific community.

Here's some ideas...

  • Publish those odd structures that don't fit in a paper as a CSD Communication, so the world can access and learn from them. Find out how here.
  • Share your experiences through mentoring. The RSC, the ACS and MentorNet are good places to learn more.
  • Time for a change? We're hiring - work for a charitable organisation to advance structural science around the world. See open roles here.

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My #ResearchResolution is to communicate my work to others.

Here's some ideas...

  • Present your work at a virtual CCDC User Group Meeting. Email us here with your ~250 word abstract.
  • Published a paper using the CSD? Write a guest blog to share the work with the CSD community - email us to discuss.
  • Share a tweet a week to share your work with the world, in quick installments of 280 characters.

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My #ResearchResolution is to learn new skills.

Here's some ideas...

  • Check out new conferences - with many online they're more accessible than ever. The Nature events calendar is a great place to start.
  • Join us at our virtual events and webinars to learn from the experts about a range of topics - for free. See what's coming up and register here.
  • Complete a CCDC virtual workshop in your own time - our show one / try one workshops are available on-demand. Learn more here.

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My #ResearchResolution is to support other researchers.

Here's some ideas...

  • Nominate a scientist you admire for a prize, to get their work recognised! The CCDC prize is accepting nominations now.
  • Follow and interact with new scientists online. Social media is increasingly important to make connections, collaborate, get feedback and more - the publications here and here explain why.
  • Embrace diversity in STEM - sign up or tell your network about 500womenscientists or the Diversify Science Conferences databases, and read up on the issue in the literature.

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My #ResearchResolution is to work smarter.

Here's some ideas...

  • Try some of the productivity tools from our community toolkit - built during our virtual Crystal Conversations meeting in November. Read it here.
  • Join a professional organisation for resources and support whatever your work brings. Ask your network or use resources like this to find one that's right for you.
  • Follow #CSDTopTipTuesday for weekly tricks to make your work easier. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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My #ResearchResolution is to inspire the next generation.

Here's some ideas...

  • Bring science alive with outreach activities - our Home Learning collection here is great for young learners to try at home or school. Find it here.
  • Share resources to teach crystallography with DECOR - find slides, hand-outs, courses and more, and contribute your resources for others to use. Learn more here.

How will you inspire others? Tweet your pledge and tell us more.