The CCDC encourages the deposition of crystal structure data where no formal literature publication of these data is envisaged. These depositions are referred to as CSD Communications (formerly Private Communications to the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)), and will contain the author list supplied by the depositor and the institutional address of the depositor. This may include new data collections of structures that have been previously published, or structures with disorder or data collection problems that result in lower quality refinement statistics.

To deposit data directly with the CCDC via a CSD Communication please use our web-based CIF deposition and validation service at

To specify the data should be deposited as a CSD Communication please select the CSD Communication button on the Add Publication step of the form.

As a CSD Communication will not have additional information available in a published paper, it is especially important for the depositor to include as much information as possible in the CIF with the crystal structure data. Information such as the modelling of disorder or experimental data (such as the compound's melting point) are not routinely added by refinement software, but will allow us to create a full and accurate database entry for the structure. For information on the data deposition process and information required please read our structure deposition or FAQ pages. The web deposition service also integrates the IUCr's checkCIF service which highlights issues with the refinement that may require further consideration.

If in the future the data are included in a publication, please include the CCDC number.

  • if the CSD Communication is referenced in a paper, a citation of the style outlined in the deposition FAQs should be used.
  • if the CSD Communication proceeds to a full publication, include the CCDC number in a footnote (or as required by the Notes to Authors).

Note: when such a paper is published, the CSD Communication author list and address tags will be replaced by the full bibliographic details from the published paper. The author list from the CSD Communication will be lost.

Depositors of CSD Communications should be aware that a few journals will not accept papers which contain data that have previously been published in any form, including electronic publication on web pages or in a distributed database.