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Since 1994, under official deposition arrangements with a number of journals, the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) has provided copies of the supplementary data of individual published structures for bona fide research purposes. Data from before 1994 are currently only available from the distributed Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

Supplementary data arriving at the CCDC electronically in CIF format whether as part of journal deposition arrangements or directly from individuals are held on trust in CSD-Xpedite, the architecture used to archive the data on behalf of those journals and individuals.  After publication, these data are converted into CSD entries by the addition of bibliographic and chemical text, chemical structural data, and the results of crystal structure validation.

The CCDC provides a free Request a Structure service, which requires you to enter either the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the publication the structure appears in, or the CCDC Deposition Number (CCDC nnnnnn) quoted in the publication.

This free service permits rapid access to supplementary CIF data for bona fide research purposes. The complete Cambridge Structural Database containing fully validated information may also be available within your institution or department. If you require access to pre-publication data in order to referee a paper, this should be organised by the publishing journal. For any further questions regarding the structure request procedure please consult our FAQ page. 

You may also freely download Mercury and enCIFer to view structures, validate CIFs, & perform text editing.

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